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Ceramic Pro® Kavaca

Paint protection film installation

Discover the ultimate vehicle protection with our Track Pack PPF at Ceramic Pro Winston Salem. This specialized package offers enhanced protection, covering the entire front of your vehicle and extending to the vital “A” pillars and side skirts. It’s the perfect solution for those seeking comprehensive coverage without a full vehicle wrap.

Our Track Pack is designed to shield your car from the rigors of the road, including scratches, rock chips, and contaminants. Utilizing the latest technology and precision-cut techniques, our certified installers ensure a perfect fit for your vehicle, providing a seamless and aesthetically pleasing finish.

The package includes the entire hood, full fenders, front bumper, headlights, “A” pillars, and side skirts, offering more coverage than our standard Full Front Kit. Your car receives the best protection available with Ceramic Pro Kavaca films, known for their durability and resilience. Choose between our glossy ceramic-coated Kavaca or the sleek Matte version to match your style. Choose our Track Pack PPF at Ceramic Pro Winston Salem for enhanced protection that doesn’t compromise on looks. Contact us today to learn more and give your vehicle the care it deserves.

Ceramic Pro Winston Salem Track Pack

Featured Package

Clear Bra Track Pack Kit

Entire Hood (Wrapped Edges)

Full Fenders (Wrapped Edges)

Front of Side Mirrors
Door Cups
Both "A" Pillars
Rockers (side skirts)

KAVACA Ceramic Coated PPF

Kavaca Ceramic Coated Paint Protection Film is a high-tech PPF with super hydrophobic and non-yellowing properties. It has been developed for the automotive industry, but due to its outstanding quality, it can be used in any sphere that requires PPF installation. The film is coated with Ceramic Pro PPF and Vinyl formula during production. This means that as soon as the film is on your car you can benefit from all the hydrophobic qualities of a Ceramic Pro coating in a single installation step.


KAVACA Matte Finish PPF  is the only way to really enjoy a matte finish vehicle. This film protects not only from scratches and but also from rock chips and chemical contaminants. The other awesome aspect of KAVACA Matte Finish PPF is that you can take any gloss vehicle and give it that modern satin look just by wrapping it. Unlike standard matte finish car wraps which offer little to no protection from road hazards, KAVACA Matte Finish PPF gives you the looks and the protection in one single film.

Ceramic Pro® KAVACA

Clear Bra Installation

With over a decade in the industry, we are the professionals that you can trust to protect your investment with the best paint protection film products on the market.

Bumper & Lights

The best way to protect the front bumper of your car is with paint protection film.

Track Pack

Ideal for enhanced protection, covering the front, 'A' pillars, and side skirts.

Full Front Kit

Covers the entire hood, the full fenders, the front bumper, door cups and headlights.

Full Car

This package protects the entire vehicle and is ideal for the car enthusiast!

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